RAM DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) PC3000 RGB CL16, TF3D416G3000HC16CDC01
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RAM DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) PC3000 RGB CL16


PN: TF3D416G3000HC16CDC01 EAN: 0765441637108 ID: A0027178


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The EAMGROUP T-FORCE gaming series once again launched the new light memory module: DELTA RGB. The R in the heat sink represents the Revolution and also represents a creative concept with an uncompromising spirit. The heat sink is constructed of a lighter, thinner, high-quality metal material. Colorful light changes make the hollow R in the front even more stereoscopic, and echoes in the wide-angle light area. The extraordinary revolution will provide players with a new experience never before seen. Dazzling, full-color illumination effect with 120° ultrawide angle power flux DELTA RGB uses a dazzling full-color RGB LED illumination with force-flow effect. Like a Jedi holding the light saber, players can be invincible in the world of games. The T-FORCE LOGO is like a warrior badge, standing on changing lights. The full frame, ultra wide angle 120° luminous area at the top emits a bright colored light. The color of the light changes smoothly to give players an unparalleled visual feast, whether it s day or night. Asymmetrical minimalist design. The one-piece geometric design makes the heat diffuser look simple yet energetic, and the cubist style is also presented in the new artistic movement, which is a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. The embossed lines on the surface not only increase the heat dissipation area and also effectively improve the cooling of the memory module, so the quality of the operation can be precisely stabilized. The lighting effect can be controlled with the T-FORCE BLITZ (beta version). T-FORCE DELTA RGB offers synchronized full-color and variable illumination. Lighting and synchronization can be controlled with the T-FORCE BLITZ (beta version). Plus, you can express yourself by customizing your own lighting display. No matter which one you choose, it s sure to look good. XMP2.0 1-Step Overclocking Technology The DELTA RGB series is compatible with Intel XMP 2.0. It is only one step away from experiencing the sensation of overclocking speed.

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