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PN: NXHUMMERZSZ EAN: 8436532164415 ID: A0009039

ATX / FANX7 / 2X5.25 / 2X3.5 2X2.5 / 2XUSB3.0 2XUSB2.0

890,00 MAD TTC 890,00 MAD (HT)
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Hummer ZS Zero is the most compact chassis of the renewed Hummer series. A semitrailer available in black and white with a large acrylic window that allows to see the interior of the equipment and all its components. Inside it is possible to house a high performance equipment with an excellent cooling system that will allow the equipment to operate optimally. - Insulated compartment for power supply and HDD - Transparent side window - Two speed controllers for up to 4 fans with three positions (LOW STOP HIGH) - Great option for liquid cooling systems - Includes 2 120 mm fans - Card reader Compatible with SD micro SD - High speed USB 3.0 connection - Metal mesh detail on the front - Magnetic dust filter - Excellent cable management system - Space for installing up to 7 fans - Compatible with graphics up to 380 mm Accesses and front panel The Hummer ZS Zero front panel has two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports as well as audio connections. On the side panel there are two speed controllers to control up to 4 fans, adjustable in 3 positions: LOW STOP HIGH, and on the other hand, SD card reader and Micro SD, which facilitates accessibility to the connections Of all our external devices. Wiring and air flow management Thanks to the large side for the management of the wiring, it is possible to carry out a clean and orderly assembly behind the base plate, so that nothing influences the circulation of the air. Despite being the smallest of the series, Hummer ZS Zero has space to house a high performance equipment, since inside it is possible to install a graphic of great length, up to 380 mm and coolers of a higher height Exceeding 161 mm. Storage capacity In terms of storage options, the Hummer ZS Zero has space to install up to 6 units, as it has two external bays of 5.25 and capacity for four more units inside, two of 3.5 in the part Bottom and two 2.5 SSDs on the side. This detail, allows to take better advantage of the space of the interior, making a cleaner assembly that contributes to improve the air flow. Design The small Hummer series continues with the characteristic design of the whole series, sober front and elegant finishes. The front has been designed with brush effect and metal mesh details on the sides. The acrylic window on the side will allow a perfect view of the interior of the equipment and all its components. Ventilation system Hummer ZS Zero has an excellent ventilation system, which guarantees an efficient flow of air inside the equipment. Inside it has two 120 mm fans pre-installed, one in the front and one in the back. Additionally, it offers the possibility of installing three fans more than 120 mm in the front and one in the upper part. It has a compartment at the bottom to locate the PSU and HDD, so that the heat released by these, is not transferred to other components. In addition, this compartment has the possibility of installing two 120 mm fans at the top to extract the heat generated by the PSU and HDD. Its top panel features a magnetic dust filter, which in addition to helping us keep the equipment clean, will help expel heat from the inside out to maintain excellent airflow. Cooling options In order to ensure that all of the components inside our equipment can operate at maximum performance, a proper cooling must be maintained, which means that Hummer ZS Zero has the possibility of installing liquid cooling systems inside. Its frontal has space for cooling systems with double radiator of 240 mm and in the panel superior and rear it is possible to house a radiator of 120 mm.

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